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Examples in this directory provide an introduction towards developing and deploying services using Rio. The following examples are included in the distribution:

  • Calculator
    This example demonstrates a simple Calculator application, composed of POJO services for each Calculator service (add, subtract, mulitple, divide). This example shows the use of associations and how association based dependency injection is used.

  • Events
    This example demonstrates the use of the Rio event framework to subscribe to and be notified of events. Both services in this example are implemented as simple beans. The use of Watches is also shown in this example. The watch data collected can be viewed by using Rio UI (rio-ui.jar).

  • Hospital
    This example combines Rio and Drools through the use of the Gnostic service. This example demonstrates the use of associations, association based dependency injection, watches, and the incorporation of rules to manage SLA behavior.

  • Spring
    This example demonstrates a simple Spring application. Rio provides the capability to build dynamic applications using Spring. You can wire up your beans using Spring, and use Rio to turn a Spring bean into a dynamic service, with built-in management, fault detection and automated deployment.

  • Tomcat
    This example demonstrates how to activate and manage an existing technology using the Rio exec framework. In this example, Tomcat is installed, deployed and started. The environment is set allowing Tomcat to be managed by JMX. A declarative watch is also added, allowing us to observe metrics from available mbeans.

  • Workflow
    This example demonstrates a simple application which uses a JavaSpace to process a workflow. The workflow is determined by setting states in an Entry. The workflow itself is based on an enumerated Java class, with states of NEW, OPEN, PENDING and CLOSED. Geneic worker instances are configured to process Entry types that match a specific template corresponding to a workflow state.

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Version: 5.6.6. Last Published: 2018-10-25.