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The Tomcat example demonstrates how to activate and manage an existing (external) technology using the Rio exec framework. In this example, Tomcat is installed, deployed and started. The environment is set allowing Tomcat to be managed by JMX.

The example also shows how a declarative watch can be used to monitor JMX managed attributes, and set thresholds for manage-able Tomcat attributes. Our example shows how the MBean for the thread pool that handles incoming Web requests can be observed.

The Rio Service Exec framework is currently available for POSIX based systems only

Our example will create a Service Control Adapter (SCA) to activate and monitor a Tomcat instance. The example requires no coding, just configuration of the OperationalString.

Building the example

The Tomcat example is built as a Maven project, and uses the Maven Rio Plugin to produce a single artifact; the Operational String Archive (OAR).

Running mvn install will result in the execution of an integration test that uses the Rio test infrastructure, where Tomcat will be provisioned, extracted and started.

Running the example

Look here for information on running the example

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Version: 5.6.6. Last Published: 2018-10-25.