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Rio provides a framework for the development and deployment of dynamic services. But what about existing technologies? Can Rio be used to deploy and manage exiting (external) technologies? The short answer is yes.

The Rio execution framework provides the ability to encapsulate the control and monitoring of external services. Service control adapters represent applications/services, adding network wide visibility and control. Using this approach, we can attach monitoring, metering and SLA control to existing applications. The illustration below shows the notional relationship of external services.

The following sections will provide detail on:

  • How to declare the external service to be activated & monitored
  • Data Staging
  • How Rio determines what is available to the Cybernode
  • Persistent Provisioning; how to dynamically install software then activate it

You can also jump right to the provided Tomcat example as a reference.

The Rio Service Exec framework is currently available for POSIX based systems only.

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Version: 5.6.6. Last Published: 2018-10-25.