How To Sort Arrays In Java?

How do you sort an array in Java?

Using the for Loop

  1. public class SortArrayExample2.
  2. {
  3. public static void main(String[] args)
  4. {
  5. // creating an instance of an array.
  6. int[] arr = new int[] {78, 34, 1, 3, 90, 34, -1, -4, 6, 55, 20, -65};
  7. System.out.println(” Array elements after sorting:”);
  8. // sorting logic.

How do you sort an array?

  1. We can also use sort () to sort a subarray of arr[]
  2. We can also sort in descending order.
  3. We can also sort strings in alphabetical order.
  4. We can also sort an array according to user defined criteria. We use Comparator interface for this purpose. Below is an example.
  5. Arrays. sort () vs Collections. sort () Arrays.

How do I sort two arrays?

Write a SortedMerge() function that takes two lists, each of which is unsorted, and merges the two together into one new list which is in sorted (increasing) order. SortedMerge() should return the new list.

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How do you sort an array in descending order in Java using arrays sort?

You can use a reverse Comparator or Collections. reverseOrder() method to sort an object array in descending order e.g. String array, Integer array, or Double array. The Arrays. sort () method is overloaded to accept a Comparator, which can also be a reverse Comparator.

How do you sort an array list?

An ArrayList can be sorted by using the sort () method of the Collections class in Java. Collections. sort () Method

  1. //creating an instance of ArrayList that contains String type elements.
  2. ArrayList <String> list = new ArrayList <String>();
  3. list. add(“Computer”);
  4. list. add(123);
  5. list. add(“Hard Disk”);
  6. list. add(“DRAM”);

How do you sort a string array?

Sort String Array in Ascending Order or Alphabetical Order

  1. import java.util. Arrays;
  2. public class SortStringArrayExample2.
  3. {
  4. public static void main( String args[])
  5. {
  6. //defining an array of type string.

How do you sort a JSON array?

The comparer function can be called to sort the JSON array as below: var array = [{ Comparer function has the following format:

  1. function compare(a, b) {
  2. if (a is less than b by some ordering criterion) {
  3. return -1;
  4. }
  5. if (a is greater than b by the ordering criterion) {
  6. return 1;
  7. }
  8. // a must be equal to b.

How do you sort an array in collections?

Arrays. sort () vs Collections. sort () sort () works for objects Collections like ArrayList, LinkedList, etc. We can use Collections. sort () to sort an array after creating a ArrayList of given array items. // to sort the list elements.

What does sort () do in Python?

The sort() method sorts the elements of a given list in a specific ascending or descending order. The syntax of the sort() method is: list. sort (key=, reverse=) Alternatively, you can also use Python’s built-in sorted() function for the same purpose.

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How do I sort one array by another?

Method 1 (Using Sorting and Binary Search)

  1. Create a temporary array temp of size m and copy the contents of A1[] to it.
  2. Create another array visited[] and initialize all entries in it as false.
  3. Sort temp[]
  4. Initialize the output index ind as 0.
  5. Do following for every element of A2[i] in A2[]

How do you merge two arrays and sort them?

The code snippet that demonstrates this is given as follows. while (i < n1 && j < n2) { if (arr1[i] < arr2[j]) merge [k++] = arr1[i++]; else merge [k++] = arr2[j++]; } while (i < n1) merge [k++] = arr1[i++]; while (j < n2) merge [k++] = arr2[j++]; Finally the merged array is displayed.

How do you combine two unsorted arrays into a single sorted array?

How To Merge Two Unsorted Arrays In Sorted Order?

  1. int[] mergedArray = new int[arrayA.length + arrayB.length]
  2. int i=0, j=0, k=0. (i for arrayA, j for arrayB and k for mergedArray)
  3. while (i < arrayA.length) { mergedArray[k] = arrayA[i]; i++; k++; }
  4. while (j < arrayB.length) { mergedArray[k] = arrayB[j]; j++; k++; }
  5. Arrays. sort (mergedArray)
  6. Output:
  7. Also Read:

How do you reverse an array sort?

The only way to sort a primitive array in descending order is, first sort the array in ascending order and then reverse the array in place. This is also true for two-dimensional primitive arrays.

How do you sort array elements in descending order?

Method 1: Using Array.Sort () and Array.Reverse() Method First, sort the array using Array. Sort () method which sorts an array ascending order then, reverse it using Array. Reverse() method. int [] arr = new int [] {1, 9, 6, 7, 5, 9};

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How do you sort a loop array?


  1. Declare and initialize an array.
  2. Loop through the array and select an element.
  3. The inner loop will be used to compare the selected element from the outer loop with the rest of the elements of the array.
  4. If any element is less than the selected element then swap the values.

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