Often asked: Java How To Use Enum?

How do you use enum in Java?

Example of applying Enum on a switch statement

  1. class EnumExample5{
  3. public static void main(String args[]){
  4. Day day=Day.MONDAY;
  5. switch(day){
  6. case SUNDAY:
  7. System.out.println(“sunday”);
  8. break;

How do you use enums?

Enums are lists of constants. When you need a predefined list of values which do represent some kind of numeric or textual data, you should use an enum. You should always use enums when a variable (especially a method parameter) can only take one out of a small set of possible values.

How do you declare an enum?

An enum is defined using the enum keyword, directly inside a namespace, class, or structure. All the constant names can be declared inside the curly brackets and separated by a comma. The following defines an enum for the weekdays. Above, the WeekDays enum declares members in each line separated by a comma.

How do I add value to an enum in Java?

You cannot create an object of an enum explicitly so, you need to add a parameterized constructor to initialize the value (s). The initialization should be done only once. Therefore, the constructor must be declared private or default. To returns the values of the constants using an instance method(getter).

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What is enum with example?

An enum type is a special data type that enables for a variable to be a set of predefined constants. The variable must be equal to one of the values that have been predefined for it. Common examples include compass directions (values of NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST) and the days of the week.

What is purpose of enum in Java?

The main objective of enum is to define our own data types(Enumerated Data Types). Declaration of enum in java: Enum declaration can be done outside a Class or inside a Class but not inside a Method.

Is enum or constant better?

Enums limit you to the required set of inputs whereas even if you use constant strings you still can use other String not part of your logic. This helps you to not make a mistake, to enter something out of the domain, while entering data and also improves the program readability.

Can we extend enum in Java?

No, we cannot extend an enum in Java. Java enums can extend java. lang. Enum class implicitly, so enum types cannot extend another class.

Is enum a data type?

Enumeration (or enum ) is a user defined data type in C. It is mainly used to assign names to integral constants, the names make a program easy to read and maintain. The keyword ‘ enum ‘ is used to declare new enumeration types in C and C++. Following is an example of enum declaration.

What is enum size?


Range of Element Values Enum Options
0.. 2147483647 4 bytes unsigned 4 bytes signed
0.. 4294967295 4 bytes unsigned 4 bytes unsigned
-2147483648.. 2147483647 4 bytes signed 4 bytes signed
0.. (263 -1) (C++ only) 8 bytes unsigned 8 bytes signed
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Is enum a class?

Yes enum are type of Java Class. The values of an enum are the only possible instances of this class.

What is an enum value?

In computer programming, an enumerated type (also called enumeration, enum, or factor in the R programming language, and a categorical variable in statistics) is a data type consisting of a set of named values called elements, members, enumeral, or enumerators of the type.

Can enum be private in Java?

The enum constructor must be private. You cannot use public or protected constructors for a Java enum. If you do not specify an access modifier the enum constructor it will be implicitly private.

Is enum string Java?

The Java enum type provides a language-supported way to create and use constant values. By defining a finite set of values, the enum is more type safe than constant literal variables like String or int.

Is enum a class in Java?

Enum Class in Java In Java, enum types are considered to be a special type of class. It was introduced with the release of Java 5. An enum class can include methods and fields just like regular classes. When we create an enum class, the compiler will create instances (objects) of each enum constants.

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